So it’s your senior year and aside from graduation, it’s time to start thinking about that one thing… senior pictures! But what if you don’t even know where to start? Most importantly, your senior portrait experience should be fun and easy going from beginning to end. To help with that, I’m super excited to announce that it’s Senior Week here on the blog! Over the next few days, i’ll be posting all about how to get the most out of your session. Styling, props, locations, and more- it’s all coming this week in the ultimate KHP Senior Guide!


If you’re anything like me, deciding what to wear on a normal day of the week is hard enough. Forget about trying to pick an outfit tor two for a photo session! While your senior photos are a big deal and you want to look your best, it’s important to remember to be yourself! That includes embracing your style- super girly, casual, boho, sporty, or country. Whatever your outfit choices may be, I’ve put together a list of my best style tips for senior sessions!


  • All of my senior packages include 2 outfits. Take advantage of that! This will give you the freedom to dress up or wear something more fun and creative, while your second choice can be casual and comfortable.
  • Bring extracurricular props or your cap and gown. Featuring a band instrument, letter jacket, or sports gear will help you stand out and create variety in your photos!
  • If you wear glasses on a daily basis, go ahead and wear them in your senior pictures. We can always get some shots without them if you want!
  • Wear what you’re comfortable and confident in. Taking a special shopping trip to get new clothes for a photo session is always fun, but make sure whatever you choose fits properly, and that it feels like it was made for you.
  • Accessorize! Wear your favorite jewelry or funky hat to make your photos more fun and personalized.
  • Choose fabrics, patterns, and colors that compliment your skin tone and body type. Everyone is different and that’s okay! Find what works best for you.
  • Layer. It never hurts to bring a cute jacket or cardigan along! It’ll add personality to your photos and can be helpful during the cooler months.
  • Keep the weather in mind! If it’s summer time, stray away from chunky sweaters and boots. Dress for the season!
  • Have your hair and makeup done- professional or by yourself! Getting glammed up for your senior session will boost your confidence and help you look your best. If you have it professionally done, it’ll take some weight off your shoulders and be an even better experience!


  • Wear neon or extremely bright colors. They can look off-putting on camera and might clash with your surroundings!
  • Stay away from fabrics that cling to you or are prone to wrinkles.
  • Wear super busy patterns or graphic tees. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a patterned shirt, but make sure it doesn’t take away from you. We want your outfits to compliment you, not take all the attention!
  • Stay away from anything that’s strapless or has spaghetti straps! Strapless bras can take away from your comfortability, while spaghetti straps just aren’t as flattering on camera.
  • Wear bright, bold bras. Save those for tomorrow! Make sure to wear undergarments that won’t show through your clothing, and try and keep those straps covered!
  • Forget about the shoes. Trust me, they matter! Make sure they compliment your outfit.
  • Overthink it! Just be yourself and choose outfits that feel natural to you. You’ll look great in whatever you choose to wear!