So it’s your senior year and aside from graduation, it’s time to start thinking about that one thing… senior pictures! But what if you don’t even know where to start? Most importantly, your senior portrait experience should be fun and easy going from beginning to end. To help with that, I’m super excited to announce that it’s Senior Week here on the blog! Over the next few days, i’ll be posting all about how to get the most out of your session. Styling, props, locations, and more- it’s all coming this week in the ultimate KHP Senior Guide! 


There’s really no better way to make your senior photos unique and personal than by using props! I always encourage my seniors to bring their cap and gown, any extracurricular items like an instrument or athletic gear, or something that represents the career they’ve chosen to pursue. While style is a great way to make your experience and photos feel more like you, props take it a step further!


All of my senior packages include 2 outfits- your cap and gown don’t count as one! If you’ve already received your graduation materials from your school, feel free to bring them along, even if your cap isn’t decorated yet! If the idea of going to college didn't feel real before, it definitely will once you put your graduation attire on.


If you’re involved in any activities or sports, showcase that in your photos! Bring your dance uniform, a football or baseball, or band instrument. If you’re going to college, you could bring a university tee, hat, or keychain, or bring something that symbolizes a hobby of yours!


Even if it’s not chilly outside, bringing your letterman along is the best way to showcase everything you’ve accomplished in high school. It’s also completely unique to YOU. Just like your cap and gown, I don’t count your letterman as an outfit choice, so feel free to grab it on your way out the door! There are lots of different ways to style and use it in your photos- hanging it on a fence, draped over your shoulder, or over your casual outfit and uniform.

While most of these ideas are based on high school activities and college majors, the sky is the limit! Props are a super fun way to bring personality into your senior session and to ensure that your photos are different from your classmates’!

  • Do you spend a lot of time playing video games? Bring your controller.
  • Are you an painter or makeup enthusiast? Bring some brushes with you!
  • Are you a photographer? Bring your camera.
  • Do you enjoy cooking or baking? Bring your utensils or bake some of your favorite treats!
  • Is there a piece of furniture that you’re dying to use? Bring it!
  • Do you like to travel? Grab a snow globe, map, or vintage suitcase!
  • Do you have a go to fast food place? Let’s go there!