I know what you're thinking...

"I'll get some photos in my dress on my wedding day, why do I need an extra session for that?" Well, yes, you will have photos of yourself all done up on your wedding day, but they probably won't be like the ones you have pinned to your wedding board. They'll be photos of you having your foundation blended, lashes applied, and shoes put on. Photos of your lover at the altar seeing you for the first time. Photos of your first dance together, the laughter during your MOH's toast, all that fun stuff. You might have time for a few shots by yourself, but trust me, there is so much value in a full bridal session! Sometimes it gets hard to squeeze in a little alone time with your photographer when each of your friends and family members want a picture with you!

so why should you book a bridal session?

Flowers, Hair + Makeup Trial Run

It's the perfect time to do a trial run of your bridal look from head to toe. You could have your florist create a mock bouquet for you, get your nails done like you would for your wedding, and have your hair and makeup artist do your trial! It's a great way to see how everything comes together, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments so you look exactly the way you want to on your big day. You'll also feel so much more comfortable knowing what to expect and how you'll look and feel!

More Time, Less Stress

On your wedding day, your photographer makes it a priority to stick to the shot list that you created together. It

helps your wedding stay on schedule, and ensures that all those special wedding moments are captured! Sometimes adding in time to sneak away for a few shots of you in your dress isn't always optimal, and if it's one of those "we will if we have time," situations, it's certainly not a guarantee. Scheduling a full bridal session allows you and your photographer to really take your time with posing and all of the other little details. You'll have lots of options to choose from, and won't have the added stress of "staying on schedule" running through your mind! Your photographer will also know what angles look best when you're wearing your dress, making your day of photos that much better!

Prints + Displays

Along with engagement photos, bridals make great decorations in reception spaces. Your guests won't have a chance to really take in your entire bridal look when you're walking down the aisle, so why not let them see all the details up close in a photo? You could even have them made into an album for your friends and family to flip through while they're waiting for dinner!

Location, Location, Location

Booking a bridal session will allow you to have some variety in your photos. If your venue is a big white barn, you could schedule your session in a wide open field or a really pretty studio! There is also always the option to do destination photos at the beach, mountains, salt flats, you name it! Getting creative during sessions is my favorite thing to do, especially when my client is all dolled up in a sparkly white dress!

Give Them As Gifts

Photos of you dressed up like a princess will make your mom smile a little bit harder, especially if you surprise her with an album of them! Printing out your bridal photos always makes a timeless, sentimental gift for any special occasion, and your special someone is guaranteed to love them! Not to mention, you could create a family heirloom to be passed down through future generations! How cool is that?