"I can't think of any better representation of beauty than a woman who is unafraid to be herself."

-Emma Stone

I'll be the first to admit that when I started shooting boudoir photography back in July, I was a bit nervous. And I wasn't even the one wearing less clothing, being vulnerable. After that first shoot, I realized how empowered and confident the girl in front of the camera felt, and I wanted more of that energy in my life. 2020 has brought me lots of great things, but my favorite is complete confidence in myself. At 24, it's such a freeing thing to have that same level of self-love that is so prevalent in Pinterest wallpapers and Instagram captions, but it didn't come easy. Being a young woman in today's society comes with unrealistic expectations and beliefs, and different ideas of what we should and shouldn't look like. It comes with criticism when we decide to post a bikini picture from our beach vacay, and discipline when we show the slightest bit of shoulder at school. Confidence in the modern world is almost this taboo idea, and it shouldn't be.

And then there's Hollywood. But I'll spare you that rant. :)

Since shooting boudoir, I've realized the tremendous impact that it has on women and how powerful it can be. I dreamt up this vision in my head of an editorial campaign promoting body positivity, and then found 7 women who believed in the same thing, and let me tell you.. these photos are magic. These women defy all societal norms of what beauty is and can be, and their bodies each tell an incredible story of overcoming hardships.

lore- Mother + warrior

hannah- dreamer + doer

kourtni- supporter + risk-taker

candace- mother + achiever

katie- mother + fighter

angelina- mother + protector

jessica- daydreamer + adventurer

embrace all that is you.

Venue: The Barn at Paradise

Hair + Makeup: Kylie Miller/Get Pretty with Kylie