No doubt about it, my creativity definitely took a hit since we've been in quarantine, and I've spent a lot of my time just trying to find new creative outlets. I'm no model, so I kind of took self portraits completely out of the equation. With studios and public parks being closed, all of my sessions and weddings got put on hold and photography ultimately took a backseat. So what the heck have I been up to for the last month and a half?


Why didn't anybody warn me that I'd be completely addicted? I was definitely one of the people who refused to download it, but after my best friend and boyfriend bothered me about it one too many times, I gave in. I didn't really understand it at first, and kind of just hung around and handed out likes like candy. I finally got the courage to post a video one day and completely fell down the rabbit hole. Needless to say, I now have like 20 different Tik Toks ranging from cringey lip syncing to Instagram tips and BTS of photoshoots. It's a mess, but it's definitely a no-stress, fun way to pass the time. Not to mention, it kind of satisfies my creative need for the day!

Planning next year's disney trip

So my family has decided to take a vacation to Disney World next fall and I couldn't be more excited about it! Naturally, Disney content has been consuming my life from my Tik Tok feed to what I watch on Youtube, and even to what I'm shopping for. It's safe to say that I'm 100% a Disney adult and I'm totally okay with it.

But for real, my mom and I have basically been deemed as the travel agents and we've been researching like crazy. It's been about 2 years since we've gone, and this time around we're bringing some first timers so we really want everything to be perfect. And honestly... what's more fun than planning a vacation all day? ESPECIALLY to the happiest place on Earth. 2021 is Disney's 50th anniversary and with Epcot being revamped, we have a bunch to look forward to. :)


So I've never really been into reading and have always opted for TV instead. WELL, lucky for me I've had all the time in the world for binge watching shows. It's kind of funny actually, because you'd think I'd want to start something new or finish The Vampire Diaries for once, but instead I've just been rewatching Gossip Girl and..... Keeping Up With the Kardashians (ew, i know). Aside from those 2 shows, like I mentioned a second ago, Disney content has been major for me right now. I've spent hours watching food review, vlogs in the parks, and tips and tricks for "the best day at Magic Kingdom."


Another thing I've really been enjoying is creating wallpapers and different graphics with the Over app. Since I can't draw whatsoever, I guess this is just my way of expressing myself when I can't go out and shoot. I'll basically just take inspiration from a show or from something I see on Pinterest and try to make a cute phone wallpaper out of it. If I'm in the right headspace, I could get lost doing it for hours. The only problem is I don't really know what to do with them when I'm done.


As some of you may already know, I was supposed to be hosting a women's event on May 2nd! With all of the Stay at Home Orders in full swing, I had to pause all bookings and took down all the promotional graphics and material. One of my goals for 2020 was to host an event and I can assure you, IT'S HAPPENING. Some changes have been made, and while I do have a pretty good idea of the date, until I have the location nailed down, I won't be continuing to book time slots. What I can say is that I have new vendors confirmed and that we've reduced our spots down to 10 rather than 15. Stay tuned for more information on Glow + Get It as I intend to be posting all about it within the next few weeks!


A few weeks ago I posted that I tried out a FaceTime photoshoot for the first time with Nikki. While that was so much fun and such a cool experience, nothing really beats ACTUALLY photographing someone on location. Since things have started to calm down here in DFW, Nikki and I decided to meet up at her apartment for a spontaneous photoshoot one evening. We really only talked about doing it during golden hour and didn't go much further than that. While they're not my favorite photos and not my best work either, I do think they're really pretty and they'll always remind me of this super weird time for all of us. Plus, I learned her balcony has killer golden hour light!

p.s. I should have another FaceTime shoot coming soon!


I feel like I do this once a month, but I'm in the process of completely revamping my room! While it is a pretty spacious room, I have a ton of weird wall space that I never know what to do with, and change is always good.. right? I guess I'm really just in that whole "spring cleaning" phase, and since I've spent like a month and a half in bed, I decided I wanted to move things around a little and de-clutter. Seeing Blair Waldorf's mansion and spending lots of time on Pinterest probably doesn't help either, though.

If you've made it this far, I genuinely appreciate you for "listening" to me ramble on about how I've been spending time. This is more like a journal entry than anything, but I've been dying to blog about quarantine since it started so.. here it is. Sessions are slowly getting rescheduled, meaning new content is coming!