Last year I started an annual photo series called Spooky Week! I planned out 7 different spooky concepts and posted one every day in the week leading up to Halloween. It challenged me creatively, allowed me to try something new in terms of editing and even composition, and it gave me a break from client work!

For this year's spooky week, I had big plans. I figured I could easily tackle all 7 concepts and even had a few extra planned. Long story short, October ended up being fully booked for me and I just ran out of time! Although this year's spooky week isn't exactly a full week of content (and it's coming to you on November 1st, OOPS), I did get to create 4 different concepts and I'm equally obsessed with each of them!


What's a Halloween series without a witch, right? This shoot was equally challenging for Mariah and I, because I had envisioned something artsy with lots of movement, but not a stereotypical witch. I wanted to play more on the spell casting rather than the horror. I'm so in love with the way these turned out because it gives me Bonnie vibes from The Vampire Diaries! She's somewhere stuck between a normal girl and the witchy world, but doesn't quite know where she fits in yet.

love at first fright

I'm not one to hop on all the Instagram trends, but the timing could not have been better for this one! This shoot was actually spontaneous and last minute, and it was never written into my plans for the series. I posted on my IG story one day, halfway joking, asking if anybody wanted to collab on the ghost trend. Much to my surprise, another local photographer wanted in! We had no idea what we were doing, but we ventured out to Tandy Hills, mind you it was 40 degrees and about to rain, drew some eyeballs on a pair of sheets, and snapped away!

til' death do us part

I hate to pick favorites, but I think this shoot takes first place for me! This concept has been at the top of my list since Halloween last year, and I'm so excited with how it turned out! I loved being able to play around with the colors and moody tones during editing, and had so much fun doing poses a little differently. Kylie and Joey totally brought my vision to life with this concept, and I don't think I'll ever get over it!

the girl in black

After scrolling through Pinterest for a bit one day, I kept seeing photos of this girl in all black with a white mask on. I was immediately inspired. It reminded me of stills I've seen online from the movie, The Woman in Black, but also of this ghost story my friends told me one time about a girl who haunts the lake at Camp Carter. I guess this concept is somewhere in between!