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Being in the wedding industry, connections and word of mouth can sometimes make the difference between a bride booking with you or not! After meeting so many incredible vendors over the last year, I thought it would be super fun to start a new series - Spotlight Saturday. This series will be posted once a week, and will highlight one local small business, creative, or vendor each time! For the months of September and October, each Spotlight will be wedding themed! My hope is to bring networking opportunities and connections to other small creatives in the industry, aligning them with their ideal clients, and filling up their weekends with lots of authentic memories!

kylie miller - get pretty with kylie

Q: Tell me your story! When did you start doing makeup and how did you get to where you are now?

A: I was raised into the beauty industry. I had highlights when I was 5 if that says anything. My mom is a retired cosmetologist, my sister and cousin own their own salons, so the industry has always been a huge influence on my life! I grew up watching my mom do her hair and makeup and was fascinated. I’ve always admired weddings and dreamt of doing bridal makeup. When I did my first wedding, I knew it was meant to be! I currently work at a salon, but I am hoping to solely be freelance and do this on my own!

Q: What’s been your greatest accomplishment/proudest moment?

A: My biggest accomplishment has been establishing this company on my own and booking over 50 weddings in less than 6 months! Although it can be tough get starting and I have had some horrible experiences, I am really proud of my hard work and I feel truly blessed to have the opportunities that I have encounter with!

Q: What’s your “why?” (why do you do what you do/why are you passionate about it?)

A: My passion is to enhance people’s beauty and making them feel beautiful and confident. In the wedding industry, I am able to be apart of such an important day in peoples lives, and it’s so sweet that I get to make a small impact by creating a stress free environment while glamming my girls up! Creating a bond with my brides is so sweet to me, I have made countless friendships through this career and I am so thankful to all the amazing, beautiful women I have met! It truly is an honor that my brides chose me to do their hair and makeup on their BIG day!

Q: What’s your favorite type of hair/makeup to do? (Occasion, client) 

A: My favorite type of hair and makeup is definitely bridal and weddings! I specialize in the more natural glowy look, but can also step it up to do glam which can be fun! My makeup looks are very lightweight and high quality that will last all day, and I love to create fun unique hairstyles that express the personality of my brides! I also enjoy boudior hair+makeup because it always fun to get creative and sexy!! 

Q: Do you have any advice for mua’s just starting out? 

A: YES! Girl, never sell your self short! Don’t let others take advantage of you. Practice, practice, practice!!! and most importantly be humble:) Support other boss babes in this industry, and be patient! Also don’t overwork yourself, you don’t want to get burnt out on something you love. Most importantly, have fun! Be creative! Makeup and Hair is truly such an art! (p.s. ALWAYS BE KIND) 

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