I know what you're thinking...

What the heck is a stranger session? Stranger sessions are a new trend in the photography world and a new way to find love. They're essentially a blind date that consists of a couple's photo shoot! The photographer gets to play matchmaker and brings two people together who have never met or seen each other and has them pose as if they've been dating for awhile! Sometimes it ends in an actual date or an exchange of numbers, others just a friendship and some fun photos.

I had seen them posted all around social media and wanted to do one, but didn't know how to begin. Luckily, Shellbi's sister Kinnadi reached out, signing them both up! I had them both fill out a series of questions and then posted a model call looking for guys that hit a few bullet points that the girls asked for. To my surprise, I found success in Hunter from the app, Bumble, of all places.

When the day came I was nervous as heck because this was a new experience for me too. I was confident that Shellbi and Hunter would be a great match, but then the what if's started haunting me! What if they weren't attracted to each other? What if they didn't like the experience? What if it was just a big awkward mess?

Why don't we just let the photos speak for themselves? :)

p.s. they exchanged numbers!!