The Stockyards renovation...

Tucked away across from the Cowtown Coliseum and Livestock Exchange buildings in the Fort Worth Stockyards is the cutest little brick alleyway called Mule Alley. After over a year of construction, the Stockyards finally completed a stretch of new office spaces and shops (there's a Shake Shack y'all) with some of the best modern charm in the area. Up until one of my seniors suggested it as a location, I had no idea that the project was finished or that it would be one of my new favorite photo ops!

The walls and sidewalks are lined with a really pretty red brick, which pays tribute to the culture and history of Stockyards Station... even the road is that iconic Stockyards combination brick! For a contrast of color, they've added a ton of fresh plants, flowers, and greenery placed along the walkways in wooden planters. There's also some super cute wooden benches and vintage black lanterns hanging from the walls, while big string lights hang overhead to light up the alley at night.

One of my favorite parts of this whole area is the old forest green Chevrolet truck at the corner of Mule Alley and Exchange Avenue. It's placed perfectly on the sidewalk and is already a popular photo op among locals, tourists, and graduates alike. Speaking of graduates, I had two different senior sessions there this past week, and I saw at least two other photographer/senior duos making great use of this space.

No doubt about it, Mule Alley is going to bring lots of great business to Stockyards Station, especially since it seems to cater towards the younger Fort Worth crowds. Some of the new additions we can expect are:

  • Hotel Drover - 200 rooms + suites, 15,000 feet of meeting space, a ballroom, kitchen and bar, a rustic barn wedding and event venue
  • Lucchese Bootmaker - custom fit apparel and made-to-order boots
  • MB Mercantile & Supple - gifts, sweets, home decor, and artisan goods
  • The Biscuit Bar - southern cuisine centered around biscuits
  • Buckaroo Banana - frozen bananas on a stick
  • Deputy Doggie - Texas style hot dogs
  • Sidesaddle Saloon - craft cocktail bar
  • Little White Lies - feminine, rustic boutique
  • Shake Shack
  • Wrangler
  • King Ranch

Out of everything coming to Mule Alley this year, I think I'm most excited for the opening of Hotel Drover! After doing some research of the area online, the concept art for the hotel and event space is so unique and something that Fort Worth has been needing! Not to mention, I can't help but hope that one of my brides will book it as their wedding venue!