Keith's Senior Photos

Funny story- Keith was actually my neighbor for a few years back when he was like... 10? When his mom messaged me on Facebook in March, I was so excited to get to capture his senior pictures, but it was also such a surreal feeling. Time goes by SO fast, ya'll! I feel like 2 summers ago I was playing outside with all the neighborhood kids, watching Keith crash his bike into literally everything (LOL). And now he's graduating high school?

It's safe to say that he's all grown up now and is actually a total natural in front of the camera! I sometimes have a hard time with my senior guys because they don't have as many posing options as the girl's do, and they really don't even care to be at the session in the first place. I don't know how he did it, but Keith was like... reading my mind the entire time we were shooting and hardly complained. He even had some really cool ideas for photos, and I love how they turned out!