Everyone’s always talking about “golden hour,” but what the heck is it and what’s all the buzz about?

If you’ve ever had professional photos taken (outside of course), chances are your photographer recommended shooting in either the morning or evening. That’s typically when lighting is the best! Golden hour happens twice a day- the hour after the sun rises and the hour before the sun sets. The sun is lower in the sky at these times, which allows the lighting to be soft and even with a golden glow!

I’ve never actually done a sunrise session, but DANG I’m a sucker for some dinnertime photos! Golden hour is dreamy for photographers because there’s this natural golden halo effect that happens around the subject, allowing them to pop! The soft, even lighting is also very flattering on people and skin tones and won’t create any super bright spots or shadows.

While finding a shady spot or shooting on a cloudy day can also produce soft, even light, nothing beats a good golden hour glow! Although I always recommend shooting during golden hour, not everyone’s schedules allow for that and that’s okay! Great natural lighting can be found no matter what time of day it is, it just might require a bit more searching and moving around.

For the Brides-

When you’re planning your day, try to slot time for sunset photos, even if it means leaving the reception for a few minutes! I had my first ever bride + groom request them back in September and it was magical! It was totally their idea and those few photos actually became some of my favorites from the day! I'll definitely be recommending golden hour photos to all my future brides if their big day allows for it.