Facetime photoshoots

So I've been seeing this trend on social media over the last few weeks - FaceTime Photoshoots. Since photography isn't an essential business, all of my sessions have been put on hold until the Stay At Home Orders are lifted and I'll be the first to tell you, IT SUCKS. I've spent lots of my time looking for new ways to stay creative in quarantine (post on that soon), but when I saw this concept blow up, I was dying to try it! How does it work? How long does it take? Is the quality bad? Do you need really good lighting? I had so many questions but couldn't really find any answers to them, so I decided to jump on a call with one of my best friends and we just went for it!

I had a few fellow photographers ask me to blog about the process and how I made it work for me, and I thought that was such a great idea! I've put together some behind the scenes videos and before and after photos to better explain how the session went. This whole experience was so much fun and I highly encourage you to try it if you're looking for a new way to get creative during quarantine!

The process

So what the heck is a FaceTime photoshoot and how does it work? These sessions are exactly what they sound like! You hop on a FaceTime call with someone, decide on a vibe, figure out the details, and take photos of your model during the call. Keep in mind that the quality won't be anything like your DSLR images, but embrace it! This is a great opportunity to add some grain to your photos or to try out an editing style you've had your eye on.

  1. Decide who you want to connect with - the cool thing about these shoots is that you can use anyone (with an iPhone) as your model! You could also have them be your photographer while you practice your own posing skills.
  2. Choose your vibe - figure out where you want your model to be, what time of day, the light source (ring lights and windows are great if you're going indoors), what you want your model to wear, and any props you might want them to use. Get creative with it!
  3. Inspiration - to get a better idea of what the final result will look like, scroll through Pinterest and save any photos that you're drawn to. I do this with every single session (client and creative), and it definitely helps to create an overall vision! When you get stuck, because trust me you will, refer back to your inspo board!
  4. Jump on the call - Take a few test pictures to familiarize yourself with how it works. To take a photo, tap the screen and click the white circle on the left. They'll be in your photo album as live photos (this feature can be turned off later), and your face won't be in the frame!
  5. Shoot - play around with posing, angles, lighting, props, locations, outfits. Review your photos as you go to see how they're turning out and make changes as needed.
  6. Screen Record - Screen recording is a great way to capture your behind the scenes experience to share with your audience!
  7. Editing - Go through your photos and pick the best ones. You can turn off the live feature by clicking edit on an individual photo (if you want), then choosing the little burst option on the bottom row (it should be your first choice), and then finally clicking "LIVE" on the top of your screen! Once you've decided on the photos you want to use, edit them in Lightroom or whatever software you want! Don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone with grain and colors. This is the perfect time to experiment!
  8. Create BTS video - Since I wanted to document my process, I screen recorded and used a mixture of InShot and Tik Tok to edit my videos together.
  9. Share, share, share!

before + afters

Behind the scenes

here's how it turned out!