Last summer I spontaneously decided to attend a meet up in Dallas for local creatives. I ended up bonding over coffee and desserts with a crazy talented group of young women, and left the afternoon feeling more inspired than ever.

I met Erin that day.

Although i hate to admit it, being a photographer makes me super picky about photos of me. When we got to the photoshoot portion of the meet up, Erin was somehow able to break me out of my shell and made me completely comfortable in front of the camera. That never happens!

Since then, we’ve been cheering each other on through Instagram and have been planning to shoot together, but life kept getting in the way. After lots of waiting and rescheduling, we finally made it happen this week and WOW- i know i say this a lot, but i’m SO happy with these photos!

Erin and Andrew are SO sweet together. They’re total naturals in front of the camera and barely needed any direction at all. I remember asking them at one point, “are y’all tired of looking at each other yet?” Andrew confidently responded with, “no, never- she’s too pretty!”

This was my first full portrait session in a studio, and I have to say- I can’t wait for more!