Sherri + Will

A few weeks ago, Sherri reached out to me over on Facebook looking for someone to do some fun branding photos! Little did I know that I'd be photographing her and her fiance on a cozy couch as part of their marketing efforts for their real estate business! These photos were so much fun to capture, and even after a little hiccup with the studio (as in we thought we'd have no AC or electricity) they turned out super cute! Not to mention, the AC was FINE, which was a relief because Texas summers are brutal!

Super-professional headshots in your best business attire are one thing, but lately I've been feeling like small businesses and brands are going for a more personal touch. Relaxed branding photos are definitely the new trend and I am SO here for it! It was refreshing to work with clients that wanted to do things a little differently, and I think we were able to create will be perfect for Sherri and Will's social media presence and newlywed audience going forward.