caitlin + Patrick

I have a special place in my heart for these two! Long story short, we actually did two different engagement sessions together! The first time around, we went totally outside the box and did a water balloon fight, popped champagne, and had fun with it! I was so, so proud of those photos and had a blast capturing them.. and then the unthinkable happened. I edited the entire gallery and SOMEHOW managed to delete all of them before I sent them over. Poof, gone from my hard drive. To this day, I still don't know how it happened but let me tell ya.. I backup every gallery twice now!

After a few days of using a recovery software and sifting through every photo I've ever had, I gave up. I found some of the photos, but they ended up being corrupted or weren't the same quality as before. While I was super upset about the whole situation, Caitlin and Patrick were optimistic and brushed it off because apparently shoot day #1 didn't go to plan for them either!

The second time around, they wanted to do something a little more traditional, intimate, and moody - and DANG. These photos are KILLER. It even rained on us and they didn't even flinch - they embraced it. Having a couple so adventurous every now and then is definitely inspiring and it fuels my creativity! I'm so excited to be capturing their wedding next year, along with a bridal session sometime soon for Caitlin!

engagements take one

Engagements take two